Kaş is a municipality and district of Antalya Province, Türkiye. The district's area is 1,750km2, and it's population is 62,866 (2022). Kaş lies 168km west of the city of Antalya.

Kaş Town

Villas for Sale in Kaş

Villas for sale in Kaş are primarily located on Kaş Peninsula. Land plots on Kaş Peninsula range from 1350 to 1600m2 and either contain a single luxury villa are divided to accommodate 2 or 3 smaller villas. Luxury villas occupying the entire plot are generally 5 bedrooms with private pool and car parking space. The villas can be built up to a maximum of 300m2 not including terraces, pool and car parking spaces and to a maximum height of 6.5 metres terminating with a roof (as opposed to roof terrace). The general rule for building restriction here is 25% of plot size. All villas on the Peninsula can be no more than 2 floors (duplex). Sea-front plots cannot be split and can be built to a maximum of 300m2 regardless of plot size. The plot can also be split to accommodate 2 or 3 villas allowing either 2 villas of 180m2 or 3 villas of 125m2. If the plot is split into 2 then it is possible to build 3-4 bedroom villas with private pools and parking spaces. Splitting the plot into 3 allows build of 2-3 bedroom villas with shared pool. All villas on the Peninsula are generally covered with local natural stone which has good insulating and waterproofing qualities, keeping the property cooler in summer and warmer in winter while also reducing maintenance costs due to not requiring paintwork to be maintained.

Apartments for Sale in Kaş

The majority of apartments for sale in Kaş are located near the town centre. Most feature open plan lounge/kitchen and are available with 2 or 3 bedrooms. The 2 bedroom apartments generally range from 75 to 85m2 while 3 bedroom apartments are 90 to 110 m2. Newly build apartments usually feature a shared swimming pool which is maintained at a cost of approximately £20 per month. All apartments are within 5 to 15 minutes’ walk from the beach and enjoy sea-view balconies with views over Kaş and out to the Greek Island of Meis. There are also apartments available for sale on Kaş Peninsula, all directly on the sea-front. During the season apartments can be rented out for approximately £150 per week.

Land for Sale in Kaş

Building land is limited in Kaş town centre but there are a variety of plots available on Kaş Peninsula and also in rural countryside locations such as Yeniköy, Çukurbağ, Bayındır, Sidek and other local villages. Regular half-hourly bus services run to these villages throughout the season and reduced service out of season. The plots come in a great variety of sizes and locations some with sea-front locations, others in more mountainous areas enjoying views of the valleys and forests and fresher, cooler weather. Rural plots of land for sale are generally bigger and cheaper due to more availability of land in these areas. The building restriction is 25% of land area and the 2 floor rule still applies for any property constructed.