Kas Properties is an established Kaş based interior design & renovation company who specializes in delivering creative and practical interior design, as well as building services.

Property Renovation

We provide a complete and tailored service covering each and every aspect of your project. We strive to meet each of our client’s needs, whether you are undertaking a comprehensive new build, or office, showroom, shop, kitchen renovation project or just refurbishing.

Are you thinking about a kitchen upgrade, or perhaps solar heating?

If you already own a property and are planning a renovation project or more major re-development of the property we can handle all of this on your behalf. This could0 range from simple refurbishment to more major addition of sections to the property. Every project is unique and a challenge to us. Every client's idea of how their home should look differs. Whether it's a wall you'd like removed, a floor layout reconfigured, whatever, just tell us. Our workforce and subcontractors, all who have worked with us for many years, bring exceptional experience and skills to every project we undertake.

Property Renovation & Development Services

  • For property extensions we determine if any building restrictions may apply
  • We advise on all legal aspects of what is allowable and provide costs and timescales involved
  • We agree exact details of the renovation/development including materials such as tiles, windows, doors, fittings, paintwork, etc.
  • We provide a formal contract of all work required
  • We appoint an architect (where required)
  • We assign necessary experienced professionals (engineers, electricians, plumbers, etc.) to the project
  • During any project we provide regular updates in the form of progress reports including photographs of work in progress, allowing the client to stay closely in touch with the project and involved in any decisions which may need to be made as the project progresses
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