Kas Properties has the expertise and experience supported by the best technologies in construction to develop and deliver on the infrastructure and building solutions needed for the most challenging projects.

Property Construction

Kas Properties is recognized for being reliable as well as affordable. When you choose to work with our company, Kas Properties assure you that we will complete your project on time and on budget. Allow us to let your dreams come true.

Considering building your own home?

Kas Properties offer our clients the ability to choose, design and build their own dream home. We passionately believe that you should have as much input into your dream home as possible. However guidance and advice is a must when building abroad and that is where Kas Properties can help. And by the way, should you later wish to offer the property for rental then Kas Properties can also handle all aspects of this for you.

Kas Properties is a joint partnership bringing together Turkish craftsmanship with foreign contacts and principles to deliver tailor made villa development in the areas of Kaş and Kalkan. Kas Properties sell land and give our clients the opportunity of using our construction team or another of their choice. Kas Properties can help you design and develop your dream home in Türkiye from dream to completion. Kas Properties is a fully licensed company granted by the Turkish Government and authorized to purchase land and property on behalf of Turkish and foreign clients. This license also allows us to construct residential and commercial properties on behalf of the Turkish authorities.

Our team at Kas Properties invites you to come and meet with us personally here in Kaş, soak up the beauty of Kaş and take it all in. If required we will personally meet you at the airport in Dalaman or Antalya. Choose a view, whether it is the sea, the mountains, or the lush green countryside. Whatever you want we at Kas Properties will do our best to find the ideal plot for your dream home. Kas Properties will guide you through the legalities of purchasing Real Estate in Türkiye, making sure that you will be entitled to TAPU (Turkish Title Deed), and ensuring that beautiful view stays where it is.

Designing your new home is where the fun starts. You choose the layout and overall feel for your dream home. Naturally you’ll want that Turkish flair but with all of the modern cons of home thrown in. During the construction phase, combining both Turkish and foreign skills, Kas Properties aim to build and complete within realistic timescales, and within budget without compromising on quality. Finishing’s is your choice. You choose the style of bathroom, kitchen and furnishings and Kas Properties will put them together to create your ultimate Turkish retreat. Our personal supervision during all phases of the project will ensure that the end product is of a very high standard. You may rest assured that when you come to move into the property everything will meet with your satisfaction.

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Planning and Construction Process


Step 1
Select Vacant Plot

The process of property planning & construction begins with selection and purchase of a suitable plot of land. Kas Properties will give advice on what is available and what can be built on the chosen plot including all information on building restrictions and legal requirements. General time scales and costs will also be provided at this point. Having chosen the land plot and understood what can be built, you then decide what to build.

Step 2
Appoint Architect

The services of a qualified architect are required. The client can provide his/her own architect, or if desired, Kas Properties will instruct their own registered architect to join the project.

Step 3
Appoint Construction Team

Kas Properties will appoint the construction team including engineer, builders, electricians, plumbers, etc.

Step 4
Project Costing

Precise costs and timescales can now be agreed and will form the contract for the project. Choice of materials such as tiles, doors, windows, fittings, etc. can also be agreed at this point.

Step 5
Construction Phase

During the construction project Kas Properties will provide regular updates to the client in the form of progress reports containing photographs of work in progress. This allows the client to stay involved in any decisions which need to be made as the build progresses. Each new build encounters its own unique issues but by staying in close communication with the client through regular updates and discussion, none of these issues should delay the build process.

Step 6

On completion of the build Kas Properties will handle all legal aspects of handover to the client including subscription to services such as water, electricity, etc. There will also be an option at this point to set up a contract for management of the property if required including services such as garden maintenance, swimming pool cleaning, etc.


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